Unbiased Scuba Vacation Reviews


Anilao is known as the muck diving capitol of the Philippines. Many also call it the Lembeh of the Philippines.

It may not be as good of muck diving as Lembeh, but it is worth diving!

Anilao Philippines Acacia Resort 2010

Anilao has some fantastic diving.  Excellent macro as it is known as the “Lembeh of the Philippines”

Anilao is easy to get to as it is about 2 to 3 hours by car from Manila.  The time can vary quite a bit as the traffic in Manila can get a little congested.


Acacia resort is a very nice resort with about 16 rooms.  It is a scuba resort so there is not much else to do.  There is no beach.  They have a nice pool with lots of shade around it.

The rooms are simple yet quite nice.   Each room has air conditioning and a large western style bathroom

Acacia resort Rooms

Acacia resort Bathroom

Acacia resort bathroom









Acacia resort pool









View of Acacia Room Building

Acacia resort

Acacia resort Restaurant









The restaurant served its meals buffet style.  The food was good. Most meals consisted of fish, another meat, vegetables and rice.


View of Banka

Acacia resort Dive Boat

The dive shop had all the basics and the boats are the typical Bankas used in the Philippines.  They are very functional but not the most comfortable dive boat.

Dive Boat

Acacia resort Dive Boat















The diving in Anilao is fantastic.  During this trip I did not bring an underwater camera.  However, the photos below are all taken from a previous trip to Anilao.

painted frog fish

On this trip we saw over 20 octopus on one night dive by the pier.  One was in a glass jar holding a shell as a door.  Absolutely incredible!

hairy Frog fish in Anilao


You will see lots of nudibranch, wonderpus, mimic octopus, frog fish, sea horses lots of healthy coral. Anilao has wonderful diving and it is worth the trip.