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The old saying “A Picture is worth a thousand words” is true when it comes to scubatripreviews.com.

A photograph of the room, bathroom, scuba resort, dive boat, restaurant and the undersea life  in the review can make the difference between a terrible scuba vacation and a wonderful one.  The photographs on many brochures and websites show the room at its best, not what it is.  If you see luggage and clothes etc in the photograph, you know it is real!

We need YOUR scuba trip review. With your help we can make this an excellent source of free scuba diving information on resorts, dive operations and scuba live aboards.  If you found a scuba trip review that was helpful, return the favor and write a quick review and add a few photos.  Your review can help another diver planning a trip.

Our goal is to collect as many scuba trip reports contributed by our readers like you. This site will be moderated to prevent spamming posts that are so common on many sites.  All reports must be from real people who can be verified.  Real divers, real scuba reviews.  No spam.

Many Scuba divers are using various other websites that are commercial in nature that allow the resort or scuba operator to prevent bad reviews from being posted.  Don’t believe me, google “fixing bad  trip advisor reviews” or something similar and read on.  Also see my post on resorts fixing their reviews.  Scuba Trip Reviews will not do this.  A resort can respond to a bad report.  You can read the report and the response . YOU can then  decide if you want to spend your money there.  Only spammed reports will be removed.

Please register and add reports from scuba trips you have made recently.  Using fake email addresses will prevent your report from showing.  Using a real email address and real identity is the best way to assure the scuba trip reports are real and not fakes from the resort and scuba operators.

The concept is to write a review on your experiences with the dive operator and resort, sea life and conditions of the sea life, food, restaurants in the area, getting there and anything else that you would like to have known BEFORE you made the trip.  We want fair and balanced reports from great experiences to the bad.  What would you have wanted to know, before you booked the trip. What tips can you give to future travelers to make their trip better.

Your experiences will be a valuable tool for others to use when planning their trips.
Please help.